Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goodbye Strangers

       Despite the fact that the rapture has arrived, I'll be giving you 3 posts this weekend, count'em 3! The first is about why EA is the one of the worst corporations in the United States. Yes, I realize that's a wild overstatement, but that's how I feel. My main complaint with them is their acquisition of smaller developers and how they ruin them. I'll use my all-time favorite developer Bioware as an example. Before becoming a part of EA, Bioware was making the most in depth RPGs on the market. I still, to this day, play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur's  Gate. Their games were known for close attention-to-detail and incredible story lines. However, this all changed when EA came along.

       I was incredibly excited for Dragon Age 2; I loved Dragon Age: Origins and couldn't wait for more. Then, I played it. The game was completely changed. I could specifically list every difference, but let's just say the combat system, the dialogue, and user interface was changed. Those are immense changes. The game was streamlined for the masses. As pretentious as that sounds, it's true. The game was made for a much larger audience when compared to Origins. So how does EA fit in here? They're the cause of this. EA is guilty by:

  • placing deadlines on developers, giving them less time to perfect their game
  • demanding changes to appeal to a larger market
  • the release of idiotic DLC on a game's release date
  • other general money-milking activites

       EA is a greedy, monopolizing corporation. Thank you for ruining Bioware, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect.


  1. Allthough I don't disagree with you. I still enjoy me a little Battlefield 2142 for the PC.

  2. I don't enjoy games from EA. :(

  3. Planescape Torment - I hope you played it!

  4. I like their NHL games. Some of there others... Not really.

  5. EA definitely sucks never really got into their games

  6. OMG, thank you for reminding me of Planescape Torment Makel! I have it somewhere around here, but I'm not sure if it'll run on Windows Vista. D;

  7. baldurs gate is the bomb on all platforms.

  8. I despise EA. Mainly because they fucked me over on a game in the past.

  9. A slight overstatement, but NOT a WILD overstatement. EA has screwed up more good titles then i can believe.

  10. In my opinion Battlefield 2142 was f'ing me over hardcore. That game sucks so bad!

    God I hope they don't ruin ME3, I have to have my ME3, and I like Bioware's games :(

    I also thought DA:2 was not as good as Origins, but it was still pretty good. I don't really hate the DLCs either, they add more content to the game and that's pretty cool. On the other hand it's basically just screwing us into buying small sections of content that should already be in the game for more money.


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