Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Time

Edit: Screw this, I'm using GameMaker.

      Since I have all of this free time, I have decided to learn a programming language and, hopefully by the end of the summer, code an entire game. I realize this is an exceptionally overwhelming task, but there are  two reasons I have an advantage over those who have failed.

1. I have never not been unsuccessful at nothing.

2. My buddy, who actually has a blog at, is assisting me; it's a two-man operation.

     So, the game is still in its infancy. Well, beyond that. It's in the stage where you're planning conception (wordplay). It'll probably be a platformer because all indie games are, but it is going to be different. I will be posting updates regularly.

I'm coming for you, Newell.


  1. Look out, Miyamoto, we're coming for you.

  2. Good luck man, I know making games is difficult.

  3. Good luck!
    Maybe you'll teach me when you're an expert?

  4. eayeah, i am follower number 100


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